Changing jobs and Filing EAD


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+ I am employed at a well-known technology firm through H-1B visa (6 years for my H1-B expire on Dec 2015)

+ I have filed for Green Card under EB-2 and have an approved I-140 with priority date of March 2014

+ I have applied for H-1B Extension beyond 6 years on 30 June 2015 (Based on approved I-140)

+ I have not received an approval notice for my H-1B extension yet


Primary Objective:

+ We are interested in filing EAD for my spouse who is on H-4 visa (using my approved I-140)

+ Another important goal is to move to a new job in the next 2 months



1. Assuming my H-1B gets extended soon and if I switch jobs, can I use my approved I-140 from previous firm to file for my spouse’s EAD?

2. Assuming the above scenario, what are the chances of the previous firm revoking my approved I-140?

3. Will it be better to file for premium processing for my H-1B extension (beyond 6 years) and file for my spouse’s EAD before I leave my current job?

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