Travel to Brazil during H1 extension


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Please find my details below.


Current Visa Expiry Date: Sep 30 2015.

Extension Status: Case Was Received(July 14).

Processing: Normal

Travel Date: Sep 1st week for 4 days(will return before visa expiry).

Country: Brazil



1. Now if I go to Brazil with the same status 'Case Was Received' I was informed that my I94 will be changed and the old one which was used for the extension will be inactive. In that case my extension will be in soup. Is it true ?


2. If my case is 'Approved' by the time I start my travel then I think I am safe. Please confirm.


** I know premium processing is a option but as its a vacation(not emergency situation) and I am not ready to spend 1200 bucks.


Thank you!

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