COS from H1-H4 processing time delays[Vermont Service center], Any approvals yet?


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I have applied for change of status from H1 to H4 in the month of May and USCIS received my application on May 15, 2015. I did not hear any update on the status as of now. 


I've been checking the Processing Time information on USCIS for Form I-539 at Vermont Service Center, and as per the last update before Aug 19, 2015, the delays were high and the last case they processed was of October 13, 2014.


We consulted our family attorney and decided to go to India and get H4 stamped, assuming the processing of my case might take longer than expected. 


On Aug 19, 2015, the Processing Time information was updated to 2.5 months for Form I-539 at Vermont Service Center.


I tried to submit a case inquiry, but it did not accept the inquiry saying my application is within the processing time limit, but its been more than 3months that USCIS received my application.


I wanted to know anybody who has applied for COS from H1-H4 in the month of May or after, has got any update yet? 


Also, please advice if it is a good move to go to India and get H4 stamped or wait to hear back from USCIS?



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I have applied for change of status for my wife  from H1 to H4 in the month of  April 2015 and  USCIS received my application on April 27, 2015. I did not hear any update on the status as of now.

Does it take more in Vermont Centre to process the application or please let me know how much does this take.

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Hi All,


Since my  perm and I140 was not approved within the time of visa expiry, I have applied for COS to H4 from H1 in Vermont service center on 16th April 2015.


But until now the case status shows as 'My case was received'.


I have raised one service request. But USCIS is telling that processing timeline is normal.


But two days back when I checked in the USCIS web site, the processing time for I539 from H1B to H4 shows as  'May 11, 2015'.


But My case was received on '16th April, 2015'.


How can it will fall under normal processing time? Kindly clarify?


Normally how much time Vermont service center will take to process COS cases.


Is there anybody in the group who applied for COS around April 2015 got their approval notice? 


Any information is highly appreciated.




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Hi Sairohan,


I am in the same boat. My I-140 is approved but since my H1B was expired before I-140 approval, I applied for COS to H4 on August 28th 2015 which is still pending as of Dec 26th 2015. I want to extend my H1B with the same employer but I am now in limbo. I have bee out of status since October 1st. I don't know how to proceed. Did you get your H4 approval yet?



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