H4 and H4 EAD extension? when H1 changing employers


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Background: I am on H1 5th year and planning to take up new opportunity. My current H1 is valid till Feb' 2017. I have I-140 approval from my current employer and my spouse received H4 EAD based on the I-140 which is valid till Feb' 2017.


Question 1: If I change employer now, I believe I will be getting new H1 for 3 more years with validity say until Sep' 2018. Can someone advise if my prospective employer can apply H4 extension and EAD extension also at this time with the H1 application/transfer ?


Question 2: If extension of H4 EAD is not possible now and if my current employer has revoked my I-140, what would I need from my prospective employer to get my spouse's H4 EAD extended in Feb'2017?




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