Visa Issued after 221g in Vancouver


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Interview Date: July 21

Status was : Administrative Process 

Status Change Date: August 13 but still says Administrative Process

Status Changed to "Issued" on August 14. 

Got email to check my passport shipment tracking on August 15 morning. The tracking status said passport is ready for pickup but it was on weekend so the office was closed. 

I received another email that states my package was ready to pickup on Monday morning.

I picked up my passport on August 17 morning and came back to US on August 18.


BTW, my manager(client) did receive a phone call for inquiry from US consular or USCIS(not sure) regarding my position and job responsibilities on 6th August. I think that was very vital for me getting visa.


More info: My older thread

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I stayed in Vancouver all these days. 


One thing is for sure(as per my experience), if your visa application went under review(221g), then it would take at least 3-4 weeks to receive any update. During this time, I had no other option than to stay in Vancouver. As I stated earlier, I don't have my passport too. I couldn't fly to other places of Canada as airlines told me I need to have my passport to travel within Canada by domestic flight as well. 

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Thanks Nix3211. Where did you stay in the Vancouver ? I was told that they need to do some verification from their end and took both my old & new passports. Officer specifically asked that she needs the old passport. Not sure whats going on. They havent given me a 221G though. But when I emailed them I got a response saying that your case is undergoing administrative processing. I am really confused. As per the email, they have decided that my application needs additional administrative processing after my interview. Very complicated & not sure whats going on.  

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