1-94 expiring on 30SEP2015, H1B extension pending


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My H1B extension decision is still pending (Filed on 15MAY2015).

Old H1B expires on 30SEP2015 and old I-94 had an admittance date of 1OCT2015.

I traveled out of US last week on a business trip and while i entered back the CBP officer stamped my passport with I-94 admittance date of 30SEP2015, because my H1B decision is still pending. He told me to contact USCIS as soon as I get my H1B decision approved for new I94. 


Can someone tell me the procedure for that.


Also, I will be travelling to India in Dec 2015.


Do I really need to update my I-94 before 30SEP2015 or wait until I return from India with new I-94 date anyways.


Will I be staying illegal from 01OCT2015-until I get my H1B stamped in India (Dec 2015)


Thanks in advance.

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