H1 to H4 and then EAD with I 140 approved


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Hi All,


I am currently in my 4th year of my H1 visa with I 140 approved. I am full time with company X(.My current project at a client Y is soon going to end. Client Y is in a different state. I travel most of the times. Now I want to start looking for projects in the state where my family is. But most of the openings in the area do not hire H1b holder and only want people on W2. With the new H4 EAD rule, I wanted to apply for H4 and then EAD. Once I get EAD I can start looking for projects in the area of my choice. My question is if I use the privilege of working on EAD should I work for the same employer X or I can work for any employer? What will be status of my GC processing? Should I go back to my current employer when the Green Card dates are current? Please advise

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