Travelling On CPT and Coming back on OPT


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Hello All, Please provide some guidance. I am currently doing my internship and i am on CPT. My CPT is going to end on December 11th. I have to travel india for some family emergency during Nov 10 to Dec 23rd.


Is it ok to travel on CPT and enter US back with OPT documents ? I will still be working remotely. Please let me know about the things i need to take care of. like I94 status, Sevis changes etc etc.

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Is that legitimate CPT? CPT is only for work as integral part of the curriculum.

Legitimate CPT is very rare, and only done by good universities, which have good DSOs who know what to do.

So if it is legitimate CPT, why don't you ask the DSO?

If it is CPT from a fraud institution, you can forget coming back.

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