H1B Stamping in Montreal: Administrative Processing Since 4 Weeks


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Dear Members,

Please advise or Share if someone has same kind of Situation or Experience.
Had my first time H1b (f1 to h1b) interview in mid of July, which went well VO officer asked me some general Interview questions which i answered and reviewed my educational documents and company job Letter and said good i can go and he will process my case. Upon my asking he told me that i will get my passport in 5 days. Next day i got an email for finger prints, which was scheduled for a day after i appeared and provided biometrics and specifically asked if they need any thing else but they said no but same day in afternoon i got another email asking to email them my resume and any publications if have. Publications i dont have any which i stated and resume of-course i sent the same day.

Since that day my Staus is Showing Administrative Processing. I am an IT professional and directly employed in a Company means no Clients or third parties involved.

Please advise about this situation and guide where should i contact for status update other then CEAC website.


Alpha T

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I think they are doing TAL(Technology alert list) or Visa Mantis check.  Even though you are working in IT, your educational qualification (major, subjects etc) may triggered this check.


Can you please specify your graduate and under-graduate  education specializations.

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I am also in same situation at Kolkata(India) U.S Consulate. I attended interview on July 30. After few basic question regarding education, employer's name etc VO issued 221g white form and said this will take 2-4 weeks. VO just asked to submit CV with publications and current Job responsibilities  in word doc which I did on Aug 4.  They also kept my passport and I-797. 


I had all documents including client letter. Recently U.S Visa office has contacted my middle vendor with some generic questions. I guess you can email U.S Consulate to inquire about case status and reach your employer's immigration attorney as well. 

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My case is also similar... my visa interview also went well in Vancouver, but at the last VO said that they need to do some additional verification on my Employer Company, He had my Passport, I129, paystub,.. am stuck in Vancouver since 1 week. Don't know how long they gonna take it ??

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Hi,  I came to Montreal on 6th November 2017 for my H1b visa stamping (Full time Employee, 3rd renewal, same company). I am a Chemical Engineer working in the research department. After the interview the visa officer took my passport, I797 and resume and told me that they will review my resume but the visa is approved and you will get the visa in 3-5 business days. On November 7th 2017 I got an email from the consulate that your visa is under administrative processing. The passport even returned back my passport and I797 on 8th November  2017 (by Canada Post) without stamping. Its been more than two weeks now and its the same status. I have written number of emails to the consulate in case they require any information , but they replied they do not need any documents. I was not given any 221g after the interview or later on when they returned my passport and I797. 


My first two stampings were pretty smooth and never had any issues. Did anyone else have a similar experience? 

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