Supporting documents needed for H1- B for name change


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  I have changed my name officially in the year of 2013.Published my new name in Tamilnadu Gazette and Newspaper as well.Changed my name in the proofs like voter id,Aadhaar card,Birth Certificate,Pan Card.


Got my Passport with my new name.But i haven't changed my name in school and degree certificates.I contacted my university and tried to change my name in the certificates.

But i have been informed that, if i received my degree certificate before publishing my name in gazette, it is not possible to change the name in the certificates.I have received my degree certificate in the year of 2011.


Now i want to process H1B. In the supporting documents degree certificates is mentioned.

So if i submit Gazette and Newspaper add along with my certificates(having old name) will it be accepted?


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