Received I-797C without I-94


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Hi All,


    My Visa from the previous employer is valid till September 15 2015.


   I had applied for extension and transfer on premium processing from a new employer.

   This new employer received an approved  I-797C without I-94 document.


   Please let me know what do to. 

          Do I need to go back to my home country for stamping.



Below are the I-797C details:





   It states that the "the above petition and extension of stay has been approved. The status of    the named foreign worker in this classification is valid as indicated above. The foreign      worker can work for the petitioner, but only as detailed in the petition and for the period authorized.  ...... "


  It also states that lower portion contains I-94 which needs to be given to the worker. But No I-94 seen at the bottom.



        Although this application/petition has been approved, USCIS and U.S. department of           homeland security reserve the right to verify the information submitted.... 

        They mentioned the Methods of verification



Thanks in advance,


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sharing my details


My new employer sent me I797C which is an approval notice for H1 petition. 


it obviously does not contain I-94. 

The 797C clearly states - "The above petition and extension of stay has been approved. the foreign worker can work for the petitioner only as detailed in petition and for period authorized......"

It even talks about I94 as if it is attached to the form. But it is not attached as it is just notice.

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Need some advise here. My husband's i94 is expiring in 3 weeks from now. He changed from Employer A to Employer B in Nov 2015 and we received i797C approval notice, which says that official document has been sent to Attorney and instructions to attorney to retain the upper portion and send the i94 stub to the applicant. But we have not received this i94 from attorney yet. When we called them and the employer, they said they only have i797c and no i797A? 

Our child is in H4 under my husband's h1, when we travelled, she got a longer i94 date than my husband. Does this longer i94 date tell me that our child will not be out of status as her i94 does not expire anytime soon? 

Employer is suggesting us not to travel out of country for new i94, but we are now worried what if we go "out of status" with expired i94? 

Can anybody pls help with i797A and i94 please. Worst portion, DMV refused to renew licence seeing the i797c, they sent us back asking us to bring i797A with i94 stub..:( 

Appreciate advise!!


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