Indian J1 doctors - How to pay back the 5 lakh surety bond? And is anyone doing that??


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After completing my 3 yr residency + 2 yr fellowship....It was quite a surprise when I had to sign the 5 lakh surety bond with indian givernment in that I could complete another one year fellowship from 7/2014-6/015

Now that I am done with my fellowship, I am in the process of getting a j1 waiver to work on a h1 visa.

I had a question if anyone else is in my situation...and his/her surety bond will be executed in Sep 2015 this year??

I am not sure as to whether others are making the 5 lakh payments or not? Few people I know are saying that they will wait for government to contact them, rather than volunteering the money themselves.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi xarc123x,


I am in exact similar boat as you are. Finished fellowship in 6/2015, didn't sign any bond, but had to sign it in 2014 just to complete last year of fellowship.


I am also in the same dilemma. Whether to pay or not, and if yes, then how and when. So far, I haven't heard of anyone who stayed here (on waiver job), and has paid. 


Will keep this blog updated as I receive/hear further information.

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I am also on the same boat and have just started working in NY City after getting my waiver and had filled the atrocious bond for the last year of my fellowship. I would also update in the forum about anything that I hear but just to let you all know that many of my known to fellow doctors in the same situation as me did not had to fill this bond . So technically we can always take some legal help to pursue this unjust bond . I think we should not Stoke this hornets nest until we hear something from GOI . Any other way to tackle this mess would be appreciated. I would be all ears for that .

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To drqrs2007

Good to know at least that there are bunch of us in this situation. I spoke to two more people recently...who are also saying that they will wait for indian government to initiate something...rather than volunteering to pay the money.

Please let's keep each other posted if we hear anything else. Thanks

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I found the same link in indian express.

I hope the moderators on murthy kindly allow me to post this link, as I am afraid not many of us are aware of it.

Here is the link:

It's an article in "indian express" dated May 7th,2015.

The article doesn't say much about people who have already us...and I plan to wait to see if someone from indian government reaches out to me...rather than volunteering to pay.

Please let's stay in touch. I have provided my email in previous messages. Let's keep each other posted via email or through this forum as well.


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And another thing...knowing that all you guys are going through the j1 waiver process like me...does anyone have any update on the "Conrad & physician access act of 2015"?? It's a bill scheduled to be introduced in senate titled "S.1189". Looking at it, it can be very very helpful for indian doctors like us...who will have to wait for endless years in the GC backlog after doing our waivers.

Any new/update on the bill?

Thanks again

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I had recently been to India and called the Ministry of Health about how to pay back Rs 5 Lakh. The concerned person mentioned that Indian Govt hasn't decided on how this process should be. I also asked about the interest to be paid which is mentioned in the initial bond - for this, they said that there would not be any interest incurred as the delay from the Govt. side.



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