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I am currenty with Comp A in 5th yr which ends in Apr 2016 (current H1 expiration date) and 6th yr ends in Apr 2017. PERM has been applied and is in processing.
Comp A in plans of acqiruing Comp B which might result in re-org and layoffs.
Q1. When i file for H1 extension in Feb 2016 will i get 7th yr extension (i.e 2 yrs till Apr 2018) as technically the PERM is already in processing?
Q2. If the acquisiton results in layoffs in Comp A would it effect the current PERM processing?
Q3. If i am asked to leave Comp A say after Apr 2016 can i use the pending PERM to get a 7th year extension (till Apr 2018?) with a new Comp C or will i be forced to stay in US only till Apr 2017 since i will not have a new PERM with comp C pending for 365+ days?
Please advise.
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