i129s ,i797 expires before i94,L1b validity date.


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Apologies in advance if I have posted question of similar kind.


I had a query regarding my Immigration status. I have L1-b visa .My i129s is valid until 26 Aug 2015 with i797 blanket petition expiring on the same date. But my Visa and i94 is valid uptil May 2018(3 years). Am I allowed to stay and work for the company that sponsored my Visa with expired petition after 26 Aug 2015. And also if I go back , am i allowed to come back again on the same L1-b. As this petition will be expired on 26Aug2015. 


However company has a new petition(i797) now which has validity of indefinite period of time but the petition number/case number for that is different from one which is present on my visa. 

Thanks a lot in advance. My company says that the blanket petition has been extended but can it be linked with the old petition number/case number.


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