H1b Refusal Work sheet received- options now?


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I had withdrawn a H1b visa application upon suggestion by the Consulate.This petition was filed by Employer A.


Now, I am in the US on H4.


Employer B has filed a cap-exempt H1b petition that was denied due to attorney not sending experience letters ( This is what USCIS stated ).


Currently in the process of filing MTR along with experience letters.


Now, received Refusal to work sheet on the first petition, whose visa application I had withdrew.


I have the below questions:


1) Should I continue with MTR or not?


2) If the first Petition gets revoked  am I still cap-exempt?


3) Can I by any chance be permanently ineligible for H1b, assuming, that the first petition gets revoked under the worst possible cases. Please keep in mind that I had withdrew my visa application.


4) Please suggest the best course of actions now.




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