H1b transfer query

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Hello ,

I was on L1B with Company A and because my L1B extension denied i traveled back to India.
Company A has filed my petition for H1B for year 205-16 in April.

My application is picked in the lottery but since there is too much time before i can travel back to USA i have joined Company B.

Now i have received RFE for my H1B petition.

Company A is no longer interested in my petition and Company B does not do any business in USA.

Now what are my options to get my H1B petition Approved ??
Can i approach any consultancy or Company C who can help me to process or get my petition approved??
Please help me to understand my possible options

Thanks !!

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I entered USA with a dependent visa (H4) last year. My husband's H1b and my H4 visa will expire on Sep 30 2015, for which my husband's employer has applied for H1b+H4 extension. Meanwhile I applied for H1b through a consultancy firm and I got it approved. It is mapped to my I-94. 


My questions are these:

1. What will be my visa status as on OCT 1 2015?

2. If it is H1b, will the applied H4 extension have any impact on my visa status?

3. If it is H4, should I consult the attorney of the consultancy firm to make the necessary COS?


Thanks in advance :)

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