H1B RFE for evaluation for letter from Dean or Provost


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I have BE degree in Computer Science(4 years degree) from India and am working in IT field for more than 9 years. My degree and my experience match the job I’m doing. 

New H1B RFE is requesting below details – 
1) “With the evaluation, the official must include a letter from the dean or provost ofthe official’s affiliated educational institution, stating that the evaluating official has the authority to grant college level credit. 
2) The dean or provost must also state in the letter whether the affiliated educational institution has a program for granting credit. 
What kind of evaluation/approach would be needed for covering above two requirements. 

RFE also states that an acceptable evaluations should: 
1. Provide a detailed explanation of the material evaluated rather than a simple conclusory stalement 
Is this course-by-course evaluation? What kind of evaluation is this? 
2. Briefly state the qualifications and experience of the evaluator providing the opinion. 
Will the evaluation have this information? 

My attorney’s response is – 
This RFE is requesting for education evaluation from a college or university professor or official, such as an admission official. 
Ask your education evaluation service and they will get one of their college professor’s specialist to do it for you. 
Also, he asked me to send detailed experience letter showing I have at least 3 years of software development experience. 

But looks like I need to do more than what attorney suggested. Has anyone faced this RFE before and what is the best approach?

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