H4 stamping (COS from H1b to H4) in Merida Mexico safe?


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My wife has applied for COS H1B to H4 in Vermont Service Center in April 2015. It looks like it will take another 6 months from now to get H4 approved. She is not working since April 2015. So, we are planning to go to Mexico  for H4 stamping. But we are going to Merida consulate not Matamoros because Merida is close to Cancun and we are planning 4 days vacation in Cancun after stamping.


The only thing bothering me is on the official website of Mexico US consulate, they have mentioned the following:



 "Third Country Nationals* residing in the United States may apply to renew a visa in any category except B1/B2 or H2.  NOTE – The applicant must apply to renew in the same visa category and cannot apply in a different category."


So, H1B to H4 can considered as renewal is same Category (H)?



So, is it safe to go for H4 stamping in Merida?. Please share your thoughts here or email me. My email is sssasiddiqui at gmail dot com


Thanks in Advance


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Hi Sasiddiq,


Am in the same boat as your spouse except my application with VSC is pending since Nov 14th 2014 and I have no more patience to wait on this. I would like to travel to either Canada/Mexico and get H4 stamped ASAP. Please, can u let me know if you have gotten it done in Mexico? Also, any reason why you dint choose Canada?


Will appreciate any inputs you may have. Please post here.

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Hello Guys,


I'm also on the same boat.


Can anyone go for visa stamping to Canada or Mexico without their COS being approved ?


When I was trying book a visa interview slot for my wife in Vancouver, Canada - in the application form, it was asking me the petition number of H4. As the COS is not yet approved, what should I do with that mandatory field.

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