EAD lost in mail, have received my I797 approval notice.


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I am currently on F1 visa.

USPS and USCIS status says EAD card delivered but I did not receive it in my mailbox.(I have received my EAD approval I-797)

Here are my timelines:

15th May 2015 - Applied for EAD.

22th May 2015 - USCIS sent EAD application receipt.

7th July 2015 - USCIS sent EAD approval notice. I797

20th July 2015 - USCIS sent EAD card with start date 20th July 2015 (which USPS says was delivered but I did not receive)

USCIS case status says card has been delivered.

I have a job offer starting 17th August 2015.


I have the following Questions:


1.If I apply for a replacement EAD now,and since it might take upto 90 days for approval, will it count towards days of unemployment?

2.Can I expedite the replacement EAD card process, if yes how?

3.Can I start working once I receive the receipt for replacement EAD, since I have the approval I797 from the previous EAd application?

4.What is the best possible step forward, does anyone have any experience retriving the EAD card from USCIS or USPS?


Thank you for your help!!


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If you apply for the replacement card,

1) I think you can get an Infopass appointment and get a letter from the officer stating that "EAD Replacement card was applied as EAD was lost in the mail and then show the letter to your HR/Employer. (or)

2) If you already have the receipt from USCIS for the replacement card, I think that Receipt notice for the replacement card IS an acceptable document by your employer to either offer/extend your employment.


But, confirm with your HR right away or if you have an Attorney ask them.

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