H1B approved but visa delayed by NVC


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This is my first post on this popular forum, as i need help from members on my below mentioned case.


I am from india. My employer had filed H1B on my behalf last year(August 2014) and it was approved by the end of the November 2014.

As H1B visa was not subject to regular cap at that time but recently on April 28th 2015(regular cap), NVC asks my employer to submit H1B fees. But from that time to until now, my employer haven't heard from NVC(DS-160 form).

So i would like to ask few things from respected members that:

a) When NVC is going to process the remaining part of the case by issuing DS-160 form.

b) As we are in 10th month of processing. So, Will it take more time to schedule an interview by NVC.

c) Am i able to start work from 1st October, 2015 or after that.

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