Lost Green Card ( US Perm Resident Card) while in India


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I lost my Green card on the day I was supposed to fly back to US after a month vacation.

My GC is valid till 2021.  I understand I need to appear at US Embassy in New Delhi to get the transportation letter but that itself doesnt guarantee rentry into the United states.

I am wondering what else I need to do to in order to reenter and join my family who left as scheduled.


I have a active employment in US , I have paystubs , W4 and mortage statements along with old emirates itinerary ( no boarding pass), and new flight bookings, assuming I get the transportation letter before that.


Please advice upon getting the transportation letter what will happen at the port of entry. WOuld they allow me to go through or I have to wait and apply for I-90 at port of entry itself.


appreciate if you could clear my confusions and lessen my stress a bit.


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As long as you have the police report and the transportation letter, you should be good.

With the transportation letter, you usually get deferred inspection, and then have to file an I-90 to get a replacement GC. That's not done at the airport.

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