H1 B switching jobs


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I came to US on L2 visa. I got an EAD and started to work.


In Oct 2014, my employer sponsored H1B for me. I got the 797 and I was supposed to go to India to get the H1B visa stamped on my passport. 


However due to personal circumstances I never went to India till now. So on my passport I still have L2 visa.


I want to switch jobs now. So suppose I resign from employer A now. So I guess my H1B is out of status. but my L2 visa is still valid. Next month employer B files for my transfer and once the application receipt arrives, I start working for employer B.


Is this OK? Do you see any problems with this?


People who are only on 797 have to leave the country immediately... but I guess in my case because of L2 cover that should not happen.


 Before I do anything I am checking if this is OK or not.

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I think I may have found the answer to my question.


When filing for transfer perhaps they check for continuity and whether you were out of status or not.


Now I do have an L2 + EAD... but when we file for transfer they may not realize this and feel that there is a gap.


so I guess its best for me to wait and only when the company B files for transfer.. only then move out. Rather than rely on my L2.


Let me know if you have any other thoughts....

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