Can L2 EAD Extension be applied with valid visa expiry date


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I'm on L1 and my visa and I-94 expiry date is set to 08-OCT-2015, I have applied for L1 Extension and will take some time to get renewal.

My Wife's is on L2 visa, her EAD and I-94 is gets expired on 08-OCT-2015.

However my wife's visa expiry date and Petition End Date is 11-NOV-2017.

Can she step out of US, come back and could get her I-94 extended ?

If I-94 gets extended , since her visa and petition end date is until 11-NON-2017, Can she apply for EAD extension ?


As everyone know EAD extension would take atleast 3 months and she cannot wait until my visa extension completes and then apply for EAD extension.



Please advise.

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