Stamping when there are multilayer vendors


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I have a query.

I came to USA on H4 in March 2013 and applied for H1B immediately. I got my H1B approval in Sep 2013 and I started working in Nov 2013.

Here is my contractual layer

Employer (A) ----> Vendor (B)------->Prime Vendor to client  ©-------------> Client (D). 

I have been working in the same contract pattern from the time I started working in USA on H1B

D is one of the best known sports brand in the world and C is one of the best MNCs.

Right now, I am working on 3rd project for the same client and same contract pattern


The client D does not provide client letter but B and C will provide the required letter.

I had 3 months break between my project 1&2 and 5 weeks break between Project2&3. But have payslips for the break time as well.


I will be going to Chennai for stamping in November 2015. This is my first stamping after H1B approval

I have a few questions, looking forward for some suggestions.


1. Will there be any issue in stamping considering I am working in a multi layer contract?

2. What are the chances of getting 221g?

3. If I change my emplyer to C (H1 transfer) in month of September, will I have any issue when I go to get visa stamped? 

4. If I move to another project with another client by September or October, will there be any issue during stamping?



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