Emp A > I-140/I-485 Denied :: Port H1B to Emp B > I-140 Approved :: How about denied I-485?


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Hello All,


I have a typical situation and would like some inputs from all of you.


I am employed with Employer A for several years and they filed for GC during 2006. When visa dates got current during President Bush time (2007), I applied for concurrent filing of I-140 and I-485. I got EADs too. After a year or later, I-140 got denied and eventually everything else got denied. We did MTR few times and they all got denied. And I was in the 7th year that time. Then I approached Employer B. Emp B has filed my Labor/I-140 and they all got approved and I got H1B extension and now working with Emp B. I am just wondering if any of the following scenarios are possible. Please shed some light with your experiences.



Emp A filed in EB3 category with priority date in late 2006.

Emp B files in EB3 category with priority date in late 2010.


1. Can I bring the denied I-485/I-765 from the Emp A to life again while working with Emp B?

2. Can Emp A do something to bring the denied I-485/I-765 to life?

3. Is the labor from Emp A still active and useable (it was filed in PERM)?

4. If 'Yes' to Q.3, then can Emp A file for new I-140 again and if it is approved then is it possible to bring denied I-485/I-765 to life?

4. Any other ideas that are possible?


Let me know if you need more information in answering my questions.


Thanks to all in advance.

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