H1B Stamping for Employer change and current visa about to expire


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I have my current Visa stamped till Sep 25, 2015. This Visa was issued by my first employer. Later on I had change my employer twice and my current new petition  with my current employer is valid till Sep 2017.


I am planning for my first vacation back to India where I am starting from US on Aug 29, 2015 and returning back on Sep 21, 2015.


As I am entering back US Visa with just 4 days stamping left in my passport I guess I need to go for stamping. So I just went ahead and filled out my DS 160 and was going through to book my visa appointment.


In this stage I am being asked a set of questions like is my visa valid or expired within past 12 months and have you ever been rejected a Visa and so on. Based on the answers provided it is suggesting me to drop my passport and skip visa interview based on Visa Interview waiver program. They don't have any question identifying whether you are with the same employer.


So I am really doubtful if I can still go ahead and drop my passport without booking for interview. If otherwise how to book appointment as it is not allowing me to book it.


Request your guidance on this. Thanks in advance.


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Thanks a lot for your responses. This really gives me peace of mind. Yeah it is true that I don't need stamping but I heard while returning in the port of entry they might ask questions as visa stamped is expiring in few days. Thats why thought of going for stamping.

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