H4 COS and H4 extension stamping in Canada


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I need suggestions for my current situation


My husband has his H1b approved until 2017. 

We applied for my daughter H4 extension in October 2014 at VSC which is still under Case received status.

Also we applied for H4 COS from H1b for myself in February 2015 (I have my H1b but planning to Change to to H4 as I am eligible for EAD), which is also in Case was received status.

Since it is taking too long and no update from VSC about the status, we want to go out of country and get our Visa stamped.

In this situation can I go to Canada without my Husband and get our visa's stamped.


Do you see any complications in our situation?


I did not see any stand alone H4 visa stamping in canada. Do they accept such applications? (w/o H1b visa stamping)?




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