FYI... IWP stamping done


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Done my h1b stamping for 4th time in Mumbai.


1. File DS-160

2. Make a new application in

3. It will ask questions to check if you are IWP eligibility. 

4. Pay the fee in the bank, update the payment receipt next day

5. If you are eligible then just drop passport, h1b approval copy, ds-160 confirmation, dropbox confirmation letter to the local center

6. If everything is good, get visa issued in 1 day, passport back in couple of days


My new h1b petitioner name/employer is slightly different. Visa issued for new employer name (different tax payer id); employer/petitioner doesn't have to the same for IWP anymore.






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Is it that we could have change our employer multiple times but still can go through Interview Waiver Program and drop it in drop box?

Yes. Dropbox. you will get it done via IWP. It doesn't matter anymore if you have changed the employer. As long as you meet the answers to other questions. 


I have changed employers many times in 9 yrs h1b. Recent h1b stamp was expired 10 months back. Never had a stamp rejection. I "changed" my employer 6 months back. And I have a new passport. With all that I still got stamped from IWP, visa issued and passport returned to me in 2 working days. 

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4. Pay the fee in the bank, update the payment receipt next day


Can we pay it by credit card? Also were your all previous stampings in Mumbai India?


No credit card payment. Only these -

Yes, all my previous stamping were in Mumbai. 

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