need help on knowing process for name change to be done on i765 (OPT EAD)


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I'm pursuing masters in US, as per passport my name is xxx and the Visa has FNU, xxx name. (Initially when they stamped the visa with FNU, I was unaware that it gets in to every record as FNU :( 

Recently, I was due to renew the passport and while applying for the passport I chose to split my name xxx,yyy. Now as per new passport, my name on visa would be yyy,xxx.

Meantime, I had already applied for OPT EAD :(

Now here are my concerns, please let me know if you have come across this kind of situation:

1. I do understand that I need to first change the name in SSN, followed by other documents. Should I do it right now or wait for the OPT approval to reach me.
2. How do I get the name changed once the EAD is approved? 
3. How long would it take for change of name process?
4. I would like to visit my parents in Dec, will this impact my travel plans...

Thanks in advance for your kind help!

With Best Regards,



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