Fingerprint Request - 485 Current

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We have received Fingerprint Notice while waiting for plastic cards in mail :(

We are current effective June 1st. We had interview in our local USCIS office couple years ago and our file recently transferred to Texas.

We are also current in recent bulletin released.

PD April 17 2002

Our FP date is July 7th.

So, I am wondering if I can reschedule the FP prior to 7th July.

Is it normal part of process asking for FP after the status is current? Basically, its killing time when it shouldn't.

Appreciate any help or comments in this regard. I will post my updates regularly.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally, we have received CARD production email. However, we have received only one email, Primary applicant approval.

I don't know why but here is the brief history.

Called for interview at local office

Files sent back to TSC one week prior to current

FP notice received for only Primary Applicant

File approved for only primary applicant.

What should i do next?

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