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i'm in L2 visa...i'm planning to start a baby sitting business at home..I'm going to take care of 5 kids only..do i need to get licensing for baby sitting or EAD alone is enough or is there some other legal procedure??

I contacted "Chamber Of Commerce" to find out the procedure to start business but dint get detailed answer...pls help me with step by step procedure...

this is the 1st time i'm posting in forum...so pls guide me...

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Every state has different procedures but most of them need license for babysitting business to qualify for that you need to follow the proper procedures for that particular state. I will advise you before you start this business work in day care so you have experienced to start your own business this business is having too much personal responsibilities you need to understand each and everything it looks simple if everything goes right. You are dealing with kids here not one or two you said five. When you have to take care of your kids it's different. And here it's different you better take the experience first.

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