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I have to apply for my H1 to H4 Conversion. I have all my Pay Stubs till April 2011. I was waiting for my May 2011 Pay Check so I could go ahead and apply for my H4 and my company tells me yesterday that they got a query from DOL and so did not run my Pay Check for the month of May 2011.

I am submitting my Feb, March and April 2011 Pay Checks, will this suffice or do I have to have my recent Pay Check that is for the Month of May 2011 ?

Will I get an RFE for not having the May 2011 pay Check ? If I get one then what do I tell USCIS ?

Because I am not no fault here. Its the company who is playing with me and has put me in this scenario.

Your guidance will be valuable.

Thank You.

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