Trouble creating profile in US TravelDoc site for paying Visa fees


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I was previously on H1B visa. My previous company had created my profile with the company's ID for visa stamping appointment. Now when I am trying to create a profile for my F1 stamping, the system says that my profile already exists. However as my earlier company e-mail ID no longer exists, I am not able to login through that account.


When I contacted US travel docs team, they informed me that my profile is dependent on another profile which belongs to my previous company and that they need to remove the dependent profile. However my previous company says that the primary profile no longer exists as that person has left the organisation.


I informed the same to US traveldocs team. But I am not getting any reply from them.

Can you please let me know what I can do in this case? 


Early response is really appreciated as I need to go for my visa stamping soon.Things are getting delayed here for no fault of mine:-(





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