Simultaneous H1B transfer (new employer) and H1B amendment (new client same employer)


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please share your insight about this scenario. my H1B visa expires on Sep 01 2015 and I would have to file for extension, as I have only completed 2 years in US. Now I have to change my client (not employer) and would be moving to a new location hence a visa amendment needs to be filed. Also, I am in discussion with a new employer and they would start a visa transfer too, which the current employer is not aware of.


Is there any issue that both the visa amendment and the visa transfer would happen simultaneously. any issues reports by forum's members?

Is there a possibility for me to have a India travel amidst all this. I would need a visa stamping for my last extension.

What are the timelines for visa amendment and visa transfer

if I get my visa transfer before the amendment is complete, can I join the new employer and not care about the amendment

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