APDOS wreck.......... Timeline for J1 visa waiver


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Hi…. Time line for J-1 visa waiver…….. April 20 , 2015


Initial visit to Houston Indian Consulate for affidavit & attestation of NORI Application – October 12, 2014

NORI application with attestation sent to Father-in-law with three different addresses (to passport office, MHRD and Department of state, AP) – November, 4 2014

NORI submitted to passport office – November 18, 2014

Response received from Hyderabad passport office in email – November 21, 2014

NORI application mailed to MHRD Delhi   - December 6th 2014

NORI received from MHRD – January 12, 2015

Submitted two NORI documents to Houston Indian Consulate and received preliminary waiver certificate from Houston – February 4th, 2015

Waiver application packet mailed to US Department of state – February 6th 2015

Update in US DOS website about receipt of wavier application – February 23rd 2015

Received final waiver certificate from Washington DC – March 16th 2015

Update in US DOS website about receipt of waiver certificate from Washington Indian embassy – March 28th 2015

Favorable recommendation and recommendation sent update in the website of US DOS – April 2nd 2015

Notice of Granted recommendation by US Dos received in mail – April 12th 2015

Letter of receipt of granted recommendation from US DoS by USCIS (I 797) received in mail– April 12th 2015

Updated APPROVED waiver recommendation in the website of USCIS – April, 16th 2015

Received approval letter – April, 20 2015


NOTE: Did not receive NORI  from Department of state, Andhra Pradesh  till now  even after  my father-in- law bribed 3,500 INR out of 5,000 INR as asked by concerned officer.  Documents were submitted  in Department of State, Andhra Pradesh on December 7th 2015. After regular followup we came to know that  documents were forwarded to next level in successive week .  Later received police verification at Vijayawada  on January 26, 2015. After police enquiry documents were sent to Hyderabad, Department of state in  one week (we came to know by followup). Afterwards there is no action till now and there is no one to respond for our quires at Department of state, AP at Hyderabad. Till now I did not receive the NORI.. Will update the status once I receive it.  I think the team of Department of State, AP at Hyderabad  related to NORI acts in similar Fashion, that why the delay.  Probably they are expecting me to pay more to mail the NOR

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Hi everyone


I am a new member to this forum. I was wondering if anyone could help me with the correct address for procuring NORI certificate from Andhra Pradesh State government. I applied for NORI certificates four months back and got from the MHRD (New Delhi) and Passport Office (Hyderabad). However, I got no reply from the AP state government. The address I sent was ---



The Deputy Secretary

Home Department

(Passports & Prisons wing)

Government of Andhra Pradesh

A.P. Secretariat,

Hyderabad- 500 022



I have a feeling that this address is probably wrong. So I intend to resend my documents again and was looking for the right address online.

Also if anybody can give me the contact number of the section officer handling AP state NORI, I would be highly appreciate it.



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