Parent's Visa Reject 4 times (2012-2013)


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I am sponsoring my Parents for US visit(from India) but Visitor visa (B2) was rejected 4 time between 2012 and 2013.

First time(Jan 2012) it was rejected because visa officer saw my H1B stamp which was about to expire in couple of month. They said your son’s visa is expiring soon so we cant grant you visa.. Irony is I had 2 yrs of approved extension i797 which he didn’t look at.

2nd time(Feb 2012) we applied just within a month.. They just asked couple of basic question and rejected.(why are u going ? what your son do there ?) They didn’t bother to ask anything around the reason of my 1st rejection (I prepared my parents to show i797 copy which officer didn’t see at 1st interview).

3rd time (June 2012) – This time I applied only for my mom to show her further strong tie to India since dad will stay in India again they asked same 2-3 questions and rejected.

4th time (May 2013) – Applied for both parents. This time they asked couple of additional questions around my father’s business(if own the office ? how many sq ft it has ? traveled any other country ? etc). Again its rejected.

All these time I have prepared extensive documentation, affidavits, travel bookings, hotel, itinerary, family tree, property documents, invitation letter, letters from congress man (2nd and 3rd attempts).  

All the time 214B was given as they are not eligible to get visa but they can apply again. I heard that 214B indicates lack of strong tie with home country. That’s difficult to believe as my parents has younger son, daughter, grandchildren, brother-sister, mother, infact whole family there in india, they own 2 house and some other property there. Dad owns business. I don’t believe that all these are not enough to show strong tie. It seems that their visa got rejected without proper consideration.


Its one of my biggest dream to have my parents visit me here in US atleast once in life. I am on H1B in USA since last 5 years with my wife and toddler, working at good position, just owned my first home. No bad history or any kind of legal violations.. GC(i140) is in process..

I am planning to give one more try; and I have following questions:

1- Is there any way to get information around exact reason of last 4 rejection. 214B is all they gave even when congressman’s office sent inquiry/recommendations. Any department to appeal to consider our case for review?

2- in DS160 I was writing very low yearly income for my father and housewife for mom.. Could that be reason for rejection though I was the sponsor for their visit and I had strong financial papers to support their visit? In Fact they didn’t ask anything about my parent’s financials in first 3 attempts.

3- I took them for a Dubai vacation in Nov 2014 so they can show an International travel… would that help ?

4- What else I can do to make Visa counselor consider a genuine application for just B1 tourist visa?


Any help/advice on this will be a great help.

- Snehal

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Hi Snehalvh,


I understand your problem, i know how much that hurts. Even I had the same issue when I applied for my parent's visa in 2012(got rejected couple of times). But later when we applied back in 2014 they got their visa. Rejection might be due to low monthly income.  

changes I have made for previous application:


--> I have changed their monthly income

--> explained why the visa is rejected earlier in DS-160 (mentioned their strong ties to home country)

--> They self sponsored 

--> i reduced the duration of their stay from 5 months to 3 weeks.

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All this stuff, including letters from Congresspeople, does NOT matter. In fact, it can hurt.

Your parents need to show that they will return to their home country.

Do NOT coach them, do not fill out forms for them. They need to apply on their own.

They should consult with an immigration lawyer. The lawfirm that runs this forum has an office in India.

And there is no sponsoring for a visitor visa, anyway.

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