J1 Hardship waiver Timeline 2015


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I am an Alien Physician in graduate medical education program (Fellowship). I have also completed a internal medicine residency in the united states. I came to the US on a J1 visa, and like all alien physicians coming to the US on a J1 visa, I am subject to section 212.e 2 year Home residency requirement. I met my wife 1 and a half year into my residency in the US. We married in 8/2013. I decided to continue with J1 sponsership a the time. I have received my last DS-2019 valid till 6/2016. I contacted an immigration lawyer in 9/2014 who has successfully secured hardship waivers for other colleagues of mine. 


Basis for exceptional hardship were danger to my US-Citizen Wife to go to my country (it's in the middle east), especially given the fact that her brothers served in the US army recently, in addition to medical grounds that could be exacerbated in the country I came from. She is a pharmacist, but she is on a part time job and needs to take care of her ailing mother who will have to have a major cardiac surgery in the next few years, and will need full time care for months, which my wife will provide, and will have to take off during that time, and will be unable to pay for her student loans during that time. 


Through out this porcess, the immigration lawyer provided significant guidance. We have obtained +10 letters from family members / friends describing things like work conditions in my country, dangers to US citizens, describe acts of terrorism, and medical opinions, in addition to letters of service from my wife's brothers in the army. 



12/18/2014: Form DS-3035 was received by the DOS

11/2014-2/2015: We collected letters of support from Family

2/15/2015: Last DS-2019 was received.

2/27/2015: Sent I-612 + Affidavit and supporting documents (This was sent to California Service Center)

3/4/2015: USCIS received I-612 and sent Form I-797C notice of action in mail which I received later on. 

4/9/2015: USCIS requested another non-USCIS advisory opinion for  Form I-612

4/14/2015: From I-612 and I-613 were recieved by the DOS


Now we are waiting for the DOS recommendation, as of now it is pending, I will update this thread. 

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Post input may refer to additional documents like attorney accreditation, and any other documents they need. Do not worry about that. Just wait for the final DOS decision. In my case, I have the same posting and my attorney told me she has been asked to send her accreditation.

Hope this helps.

Good luck!

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