urgent-gurus please reply


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Had a couple of questions-


1. Can  I use my EAD ( 485 based ) and find new employer and work on ead ( my own 485 based)  and file for  h1 to h4( wife has h1 and approved 140)    since I lost my job. Can I continue to work on my ead while h1 to h4 is pending.


2. Can I continue working on my ead  ( since i found an employer ready to hire me on ead not h1) even when my h4 is approved. Say It is approved after may 26th 2015. And then also apply for h4 based EAD.


3. Can I have 2 ead's ( one based on my 485 and other based on h4).


4. Can I be added to my wife's 485 when I am on ead and her date becomes current ( she is eb-2 i am eb-3, )



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