URGENT! Questions on H1B Extension - I94 card.


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Hello All,
Below are the questions from my friend. Your early reply will be immensely appreciated. 
My I140 is approved and I94 expires on 8th April 2015. Documents related to H1B Extension have already been mailed through FedEx today (2nd April 2015).
  • What if the documents do not reach before 8th April?
  • What if the documents reach before 8th April, but I don't get the receipt number on or before 8th April?
  • How much time generally they take to provide the receipt number, after accepting the papers?
  • Once the documents are reached/accepted, how to verify whether i have received the receipt number or not? 
  • What other actions according to you would be appropriate in this case? 
Thank you in advance for your reply. 


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