2012 W2 issue


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I will be filing Affidavit of Support and have a question.


I worked for two different employers in 2012. 


So I received W2 from both employers for year 2012. 


My correct name is Ninakumari Shah.  However, first employer put my name "Nina Shah" (did not enter "kumari" in W2).  Second employer used my correct name "Ninakumari Shah" in W2 form.


My all documents has correct name Ninakumari Shah including 2012 Tax Returns and 2012 IRS Tax Transcript.  Just this W2 has name Nina Shah.


While filing up I-130 I did not put my other name as I did not notice at that time and "Nina Shah" is not used in any documents till now except 2012 W2 from first employer. My Social Security Card also has name Ninakumari Shah. All tax documents for 2013 and 2014 has correct name. 


I will also send IRS Tax Transcripts for 2012, 2013 and 2014 which has name "Ninakumari Shah".


Will NVC or the officer at Mumbai Consulate in India create an issue for this W2 ? 

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I don't think one W2 will really matter because it will have right SSN. Plus your 2012 Tax return has correct name, don't bother yourself.


Honestly, you never know what USCIS office may request. But they will be more interested in recent year tax.

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