H1B Stamping in Ottawa


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Hi! All,


My interview was scheduled on 27th of March and it went very well but my status still shows in Administrative Processing.




Me: Good Morning Sir How are you?

VO: Fine thank you how are you.

ME: Well thank you sir.

VO: Is this your first H1B stamping.

Me: Yes sir.

VO: What does your employer do?

Me: Their business is IT project development and IT professional services to the customers.

VO: What do you do?

Me: I work as XXX and my responsibilities are XXX.

VO: How much do you earn?

Me: XXXX / year

VO: Can i see your W2's?

Me: I have given my last 3 years W2's and he looked at my recent one.

VO: You earned more last year than what you said why was it? is this because extra hours?

Me: It's my base salary and yes because of extra hours and bonuses it came around XXX.

VO: Do you work at client site?

Me: Yes sir.

VO: Who is your client?


VO: what do they do?

Me: Its a consumer good company sir.

VO: Can i see your end client letter?

Me: Yes ofcourse sir, i handed my client letter.


VO was typing some thing in computer and he said ok everything looks fine and we may need to do small verification. If we need further documents we will contact you through email. if we dont reach out to you then hope your documents should be mailed to mentioned address. You can track the status on below link ( he gave me a paper with link to track status) 


VO kept my passport / I797 and client letter and gave my W2 back.


Me: Thank you very much sir and you have a great day.


VO: you too.


Its been three days i still see my status as Administrative processing, i dont know when they will update my status. Does anyone know how much time they take to send the passport / change the status to visa issued.





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Hi! All,


They called me back to consulate and gave my passport back just incase if i needed it and they said processing is taking longer time and they asked all my old client and employer details, I129, LCA for present and previous petitions.


They almost re interviewed me when i went to drop the documents they asked me.


As of now I have my passport with me and hopefully they will confirm with my client manager and let me know about the status. Except waiting for them to give me the update i don't have anything to do. Hoping for the best.



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Hi! All,


At last I have got my visa issued after a month time. On April 22 I sent an email to Ottawa Consulate asking my status and they mentioned they sent some emails to my client manager but she never received any emails from consulate and I asked them if i can ask my manager to send consulate an email and they said it fine. I asked my manager to send an email and once she sent it. They asked me to come to consulate and after 45 minutes talk between me and consular officer they issued visa. They had some questions and I answered it on April 24th. Today my visa status changed to issued just waiting on my passport to pick up.


Thanks all


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