H1b to F1 at the end of 6th year


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I need help with the situation I am currently in.


Came to US on F1.


Changed to H1b


Previous employers applied for I-140 and withdrew when I left the company.


With new employer H1b Visa expires on 06/20/2015. New employer working on Labor and will not happen until year.


I-140 has been withdrawn from old employer(cannot get extensions beyond 6th year)


Want to pursue MBA. I have applied for few colleges and waiting for acceptance.


If I get acceptance from colleges, When should I apply for COS(60 days before H1b expiry?)


What are my changes of getting COS approved?


What should I know when I apply for COS.


My wife is on F1. Is it safer to switch to F2(instead of F1). So that we both can live together?




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Is it possible to get F2 to stay with my wife?

The F2 doesn't allow immigration intent, either, so the same as for an F1 applies. Once an I-140 has been filed, it is nearly impossible to get any non-immigrant visa that doesn't allow immigration intent.

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I have the same Situation for my husband, Could you please let me know what happened to your H1B to F1 visa transfer status ?

OP posted this query on March 31st 2015. It is highly unlikely to get a decision for COS from H1B to F1 decision within this time frame. It takes 3 to 4 months for a decision from USCIS. As JoeF replied it is near to impossible to get  COS to F1. Talk to a good immigration attorney about possibilities.

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