Successful VISA interview @ Ottawa


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Thanks Murthy Law Firm, This forum did helped a lot.

My initial interview was for Calgary on 23rd, but when i went to consulate they informaed me since i have slected "NO" for the option when asked "IF i'm travelling to canada for stamping" thats why i got this appointment and they cannot accept and have to reschedule it to ottawa since thats the only one accepting for such cases. I rescheduled for ottawa for 26th 7:30 AM.

Unfortunately I was not able to change the Loomis courier address and its still pointing to calgary address. I wrote many emails to contact desk and called the helpline but they are useless and just read you what they already have in front of them, wait...wait...and wait some more. Everytime when i called they asked to send email, and when i actually sent email they asked me to reachout to helpline. to be frank in this case both are useless and just have to wait untill my profile gets updated. I dont even see the Loomis contact details now, but once it updates on my profile, I have to reach out to them.

Now to the story, I had 7:30 appointment, didn't let us in until 7:20AM. and then security check and greeter going through docs, regular thing so far. had a quick 10 finger scan and finally the moment.....

VO: took the passport

If you ever changed the university be prepared.

VO: I see you came to XXX university than changed to XXX. why did you changed the university

Me: It was a good university plus i liked the 2nd university's cource better.

VO was bit angry, atleast looked like that to me. and he told me right to my face, I don't believe you, I don't trust you. everybody says that, then why did you came to first university

ME: I told him that keeping in mind my scores and my elgibilty criteria, Its one of the good option. but blah blah blah

VO: who's your employer

ME: xyz

VO: How many employees? do you know anybody from your employer who is working on h1b

Me: around xx, yes

VO: I don't see anyone from your employer in my system.

ME: i though thats it, gone but waited silently

VO: who is the client?

ME: xyz

VO: how many vendors?

ME: 2 (EVVC),

VO: I knew it. i don't understand why you have so many vendors in between.

ME: I don't decide. I don't choose the client but go where ever my employer asks me to.

VO: do you have client and vendor letters?

ME: gave him email about policy and stuff. my luck that even my prime vendor don't give the letter

VO: do you have any paperwork showing the relationship between all vendors and your employer

ME: gave him work order from prime vendor and SOW for 2nd

VO: ok I'm approving your VISA.

ME: thanks, almost made me cry and loose all hope but finally the golden words......

Be prepared if you have many vendors in between or if you have changed your universities. Take all the documents you possibly can if not ask for email saying "due to company policy....."

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Congrats, and thanks for sharing your experience. I am also planning attend interview in Ottawa, Please could you share details about hotels and transit to hotel from/to aiport? (Did you rent a car?) Thanks!


and also is the loomis branch near to embassy to pick up the passport? and how long it took to get the passport ready? Thanks!

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@Sai: I haven't picked my passport yet I got email today around 5.30PM that it's sent to Loomis but Loomis closes at 6 and also weekends, so I can't pick it up before Monday. Expect minimum 3 working days to pick the passport. As for hotels It was unplanned for me plus it's costly here. Book in advance, I booked from priceline and so far liked the hotels. I stayed at crowne plaza hull-Gatineau and its 1.7km from embassy. Now I came outside the downtown area so it's compartivl cheaper. Expect Canada a costly place. Very costly.

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@Satyav: I don even have a return ticket yet. So no. If asked tell at immigration it's not confirmed yet and you will book the return ticket after some time.

Plus when you get down here, they will give you a form that you fillup and hand it at immigration, if you mention 1 week or so they will send you for second verification where they will ask to show appointment and docs that's it.

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