H1 Transfer

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My situation is as follows,

Currently I am in my 7th year of H1.

I was working for company A and have I140 approved through company A with priority date of 10/1/2008.

Company A is acquired by Company B in May 2011. Based on approved I140, I got 3 year extension on my current H1, which now expires on 4/30/2011 and have valid I94 till that date.

I140 has not been amended/transferred to company B.

Due to poor financial status of the company, my job will be terminated in 2 months. There is a possibilty that company B might revoke I140 that was approved through company A.

I have following questions,

1. If I140 is not revoked, can I get 3 year extension on H1B when I get a new job. ( I have I140 approved through company A. Company A is acquired by company B. Company B has not amended or transferred I140 )

2. If I140 is revoked, can I still get new H1 through new employer with validity till 4/30/2011? (This is validity of my current H1 visa with company B)

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