Exisiting H1B or New H1B through the 2015/16 Quota ?


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Hello There,


As a H1B consultant i had been in US in between Jun 2006 to Aug 2009 that i had utilized 3 yrs of my H1B. Currently working in India and want to pursue my career in US for some time.

Could you please advise with the below


1). I want to know whether i could use 3 yrs of unutilized period from the existing/old H1B.

2). As an alternative, i need to go through the 20015/2016 H1B Quota


Which one is the best option? Of course in either case i should get an opportunity from any employer in the US.


If you say the first option is best please answer the below too


I am looking for new employer that i want to transfer my old H1B to new employer. Will this work or not?


Thank you for your inputs


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