Laid off - new employer - H-1B visa stamping / consular processing question


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So I got laid off on Feb 13th 2015 (paystubs only until Feb 13th) but managed to find a new employer who already filed my LCA on March 12 2015 and will also file my H-1B change of employer petition this week in premium. 

I was told my new H-1B petition will likely be approved without an I-94 with consular processing coz of not being on H-1B status for the past 30 days. 

Once the petition gets approved and I visit my home country for H-1B stamping, what sort of questions / issues (administrative processing, 221G etc) I can anticipate in getting my H-1B visa stamped as I had a gap of 30 days in filing my current H-1B petition with USCIS? 


In other words, is it a good advice to go for H-1B stamping interview with the Paystubs of my previous employer who laid me off?


Anyone had similar experiences before?

Any advises/pointers please? Thanks in advance!

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