Follow-to-join I824 : Should I be here in US until my wife's GC process is completed abroad?


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I have got my GC in Sep-2014 and applied I824 for my wife's follow-to-join in Feb-2015.  It seems that the entire process (I824 approval, route to NVC and then US Consulate in India, Immigrant visa interview etc) of immigrant visa would take about 6 months to 1 year.  I'm planning to go to India next month for working in my same company - India Branch  and stay until my wife's immigrant visa interview and then come to US with family.  (BTW, I have  got my re-entry permit approval in Jan2015 for another 2 years.)


1) From now and until my wife's immigrant visa interview, is it mandatory to stay in US physically? At time time of my wife's immigrant visa interview, is it OK for me to be working in India branch for the same company?


2) During the Pocket 3 and/or 4 documents submission, can I submit the my employment letter which I would get it from my India office?   


Thank you and appreciate your help.

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