Travel with 2 passports - Need Urgent Help Please


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Hi All - Need some advice on my situation please. I have my current passport valid til end of may only, so i have already renewed it and got a new passport but that one is only valid from first week of May. But I have already planned and scheduled for my H1-B renewal in Vancouver on march-17th, so I had to provide only my current passport details, as the new one is still not valid yet.


Also on my old passport there is a cancelled stamp on still ok to travel with it next week???


Need some urgent help please!!


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You need to contact passport office. Generally new passport issue date is the day it was processed and old passort is cancelled as new one has been processed and made active. Never heard of  passport date of issue to be given in the future.

Plan and schedule US visa appointments only after confirming your documents are in order.


 It is unlikely that you can travel as both passports are invalid at this point.


US visa will also not be issued for invalid passports.

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Thanks a lot everyone for the comments and suggestions, this topic was my bad, my old passport has actually been cancelled and my new passport is already valid, as my issue date is 5-1-2015 which is January not May as I had thought all this time. So I am good with the new passport. I have already traveled to Vancouver and already finished the visa appointment and the visa is approved as well, waiting on the passport to come back in a couple of days. In the consulate when I said I recently got a new passport, they immediately swapped it and did not ask me many questions about it. So my new visa will be given on my new passport only.


Appreciate all the help.

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