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i have two questions.  I have read that H1B applications are tagged with a number and the a  random number algorithm picks the number.


If that being the case, why cant two different applications filed from differrent employers does not work out in our favour?


Are there more attributes to define a "All or None" that appplication is tagged beyond a number .




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They have to identify multiple applications for the same beneficiary, because in certain instances multiple applications are not allowed (if they are from the same employer.)

That means that multiple applications are only tagged once, and don't get multiple entries.

Either none or all applications for a particular beneficiary are selected.

Multiple applications can reduce the chances, because USCIS would likely issue RFEs due to suspicion of foul play, e.g., the beneficiary paying for one or more of the applications, which is illegal, or the employers not having projects for the beneficiary.

It is best to commit to one employer.

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