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My PD is Aug 2006. So, now with June VB, I should expect my GC, as i have already filed my I-485 in June 2007. I have changed my employer once in Arp 2010, and i am with same employer since then, but haven't applied for AC21. When i enquired with my lawyer to file AC21 before June 1st, he mentioned that there is no need to file AC21, and GC might get approved with out AC21 or if RFE comes, then you can asnwer to it. So, now my question is, shall i wait to see if I get GC approved or RFE comes in, or shall i consult different lawyer and apply my AC21. Please suggest. Also, to file for AC21, who should apply this. My new employer or can i go for any Immigration lawyer and can do it. Also, what all i need to apply for.

Any reposnes would really help me in this short period.

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